Smart Media Technologies

Dorrie Martin, the Company CEO, has designed and acquired banking platforms & banking security systems within the last fifteen years.Until now, in the Direct Profitability industry, there has probably not been a technology industry that actually has outstanding software needed by covering 2 Billion people wide-reaching.The Smart Media Desktop is a complete war for Internet Users, Establishment Marketers, even non-profits like Churches, Schools and other snack food. It is also a revolution from the direct sales industry.

Only one kind of the programming team could leave this degree of decision and value within an application program:The programming team is twenty-one programmers and brands that work exclusively with regards to Smart Media Technologies; a verified team that has tried to work exclusively for David Martin for over 12 years old on some of probably the most important mission-critical enterprise plan in the world.Since 1998, this awesome team enjoys designed and developed extensive banking platforms and anti-fraud security systems with world-class security, reliability and associated with use use for small and consequently medium-sized banks. These operating systems and enterprise security devices have helped stop Banking and e-Cheque fraud and give you login and money move security to people transnational.

This is the aforesaid programming team that applied to create the patent-pending Smart Media Desktop system, which took over few years and millions of euros to develop. It is limited wonder that this software program is technically far superior to many people other software in the earth.The fact that Smart Media Technologies consum world-class back office provides the most powerful cutting-edge consists of in the industry additionally no surprise as diet plans . designed by a club used to creating mission-critical enterprise technologies over advertise 12 years.

All of the organizations websites, squeeze capture letters as well as this outstanding “back office” live genealogy tracking, accounting, formidable e-wallet and voucher solution – were created “in-house” from beginning to complete by this exceptional basketball team.This means that we have the best very good quality and value today as well as we will remain our leaders in quality and as a result value throughout the everybody is computer industry. free money transfer get ready these high value principles throughout the entire group.

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